Talent Concept

1、 Enterprise talent concept: people-oriented, adaptable, innovative, and surpassing common success

2、 Talent introduction philosophy: no aversion to external enemies, no aversion to internal relatives, possessing both moral integrity and talent, and embracing all rivers of the sea

3、 Talent cultivation philosophy: People are suitable for their positions, positions are suitable for their talents, and talents are fully utilized

4、 Talent growth philosophy: career development, humanistic management

5、 Interpretation of talent concept:

1. People oriented: People oriented emphasizes respect for people. Respect people's differences, utilize their strengths, optimize human resources, and achieve the best use of their talents.

2. Applicability based on talent: reuse with virtue and talent, appoint with virtue and without talent, and do not use anything without virtue.

3. Innovation beyond: Learn to innovate, constantly surpass, and never be satisfied. Adhere to the principle that 'today's best result is tomorrow's lowest standard'!

We believe that everyone is a talent. Pay attention to the present, development, and future of every talent. The success of talent is the greatest success of a company. Advocate for the common development of individuals and businesses.